Photography Workshops & Classes in Southern Utah with Kevin

True Emotion Photography 12 Workshop is here!

The oh so popular & sexy TEP workshop is back with our 12th class!  We're getting right into the details of a full shoot.  Lighting, posing, background, technique, etc.

And we're not sitting in a classroom taking notes, we're shooting awesome models at the perfect time of year in beautiful Southern Utah.

I love spending time with and helping fellow artists expand their knowledge.  My technique to teaching is pretty simple, teach what I know.  And I love to do it.  So if you're thinking about a hands on workshop that'll with also be a good time.  This is it...

Our once a year TEP workshop....sweeeet~!

You can pay here and then I send you a fancy coupon in the mail.  Just like that.  Bam!

See you there - K2