WPPI 2012: Exciting New Opportunities!

So this is long overdue, but since the incredible event that was WPPI we have been a bit overwhelmed with work and creative ideas!  But here is the recap:

1. Speaking: Going into this year's WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) was very exciting since we were going to have our first speaking opportunity at the Miller's Professional Imaging booth.  While we knew we could handle it, we were pretty freaking nervous.  But it went great!


Sorry for the poor quality iphone photos!

Maybe a ballerina in a past life?

Look for our movie soon at www.millerslab.com!

2. Creative Shoot:

Kevin with his models

On the strip!

3. New Friends!:  We had an amazing time hanging out at the Miller's party with some pretty bad ass photographers we greatly admire including Damon Tucci, JB Sallee, Jill Helenga, and Jaime Shultz.  Later that night, the fabulous Andrew Gawdun and I somehow ended up in the room of Jesh De Rox, of Beloved Photography, where we heard a private concert.  Pretty cool.  Pretty cool.

Dirty martinis with JB Sallee

Chilling with the Jesh and his hippie posse.

Not to mention, some new friends and people/blogs/websites/vendors we are dying to work with and learn from!  Just a couple:

A new friend and fellow destination wedding photographer I met in class.

One of our weddings will appear on this prestigious blog soon!

Possible new sponsor!
4. Our Work on Display:

Jamie and Scott's album printed out for the world to see!

At the Lumiquest booth!