In Love With: Fête in France

Over the past few years we've had the privilege of working with and getting to know some very cool ladies, Anne and Nancy of Fête in France.  They are wedding planners who work with clients from all over the world to help them plan their dream French weddings.

Anne & Nancy being giggly in front of the camera

Not only are these two seriously talented, but they are also extremely likeable and have become friends we look forward to spending time with while in France.  In fact, we enjoyed an entire evening in Anne's home during our recent trip.  We were able to meet her husband and get to know Anne, Nancy, and some of their loved ones a little better.  We had a wonderful time :)

Some shots from Anna & Anthony's Dordogne Valley Wedding.  The table setting was absolutely stunning.

Just another beautiful display for this power team.
 They've introduced us to some remarkable clients; some that have become good friends.  Like Helen and Gene, the couple we shot in 2010.  On that rainy day, Anne not only held umbrellas over the couple while they were being photographed, but also held lights and assisted us whenever we needed it.  Oh, and she gave Kevin her beret because he was freezing cold.

These two are originally from the states, but have lived in Paris for a number of years.  They both speak French impeccably.  So, for anyone thinking about a wedding in France, this team can help you plan your wedding and communicate to you in English, then use their knowledge of everything France to arrange your dream wedding with all the bells and whistles.  

This shot is from Suzanne and Paul's Paris wedding--an Irish couple who was very happy with Fête in France
and what Anne and Nancy created for them.
One more thing I want to say about them is that the way a wedding coordinator treats her/his vendors says a lot about them as people.  Anne and Nancy take care of their vendors (they always make sure we are staying hydrated and make sure we take time to sit down and have dinner--which is a big deal at the end of a long wedding day).  Not just us, but their DJs, the band, the kitchen, etc.  They treat us professionally when it's necessary but take the time to get to know us as individuals.  

So once more, if you're even thinking about a wedding in France, shoot these two an email.  Oh, and shoot us an email for your photography, while you're at it :)

Fête in France
Within France: 06 72 15 22 69
From the US & Canada: 011 33 6 72 15 22 69
From the UK & Ireland: 00 33 6 72 15 22 69
From Australia:  011 33 6 72 15 22 69