Our Albums are Off The Hook, Biotchs!

Not to be vulgar here, but the good people of Millers Professional Imaging are the f-ing bees knees when it comes to printing albums (and everything else, for that matter).  They have been our printers for the past two years and we have always loved their fast turn-around time, their family-style customer service, and the relationship they've worked hard to nurture with us.  We feel part of the Miller's family and hope to for a long time to come. 

On the same token, we couldn't put together these glorious albums without the fantastic Fundy Album Builder Software.  For all you photogs out there designing albums like we used to (really, really slowly) Fundy is a must.  Just check it out.  It's too difficult to try and explain the awesomeness here.  But really quickly, it works as a Photoshop extension.  Enough said.

And now...

Without further ado, we present the album pages of Jaime and Scott, whose Washington DC wedding at the swanky W Hotel was not only one of the most beautiful weddings we've ever attended, but downright classic.  These 12x12 pages will be bound with Kodak Endura metallic photographic paper, with a black leather cover and a matching custom album box.  It will be stunning!