In Love With: Lumiquest!


We travel, a lot, and it's a lot of fun.  You know what sucks though?  Paying to send your bags under the plane.  Know what else sucks?  Your bags not getting to your location.  Which is #1 why we have never sent camera equipment under.  In fact, when we flew into some podunk airport in Florida, don't remember when, we had to get on some tiny car sized airplane and they said no to our camera bag.  Well I showed them, I took out all my cameras/lenses/flashes and put them in my lap.  They never did bring me my coke, think they were kinda mad at the fit I threw...

The point is:

Lumiquest products fold up flat.  You don't have to put anything under the plane AND they work just as wonderful as other non folding flat diffuser things by companies like Arygay Ongfay.  Their biggest diffuser, is the size of a laptop and fits in my bag right next to our ... laptop.

These products are so sexy, versatile, awesometastic, we refuse to use anything else.  And if you've seen any of our photos in the last three years, they're all lit up with Lumiquest products.  Except, of course, the one's that aren't lit with flash (that's just a note for those of you scratching your heads wondering about battery power).

Anyway- Photog freinds, Lumiquest is the way to go if you're looking for lighting stuff.  We aren't about to stand by something we don't use and believe in ourselves.  Our Favorites- Lumiquest Softbox LTp, Big Bounce, and the Snoot XTR .

A couple of examples:

Christina and Nacho- San Sebastian, Spain.  From Nacho's Family's Castle overlooking the ocean.  Yes, his family's Castle.

Suzanne and Paul in Paris along the Sienne at Pont Alexander III.

Josie, in San Sebastian, Spain.

So check them out, their products are versatile, consistent, and always reliable.  And aside from the results we love, they're also fun to use.