A Fresh Approach to Boudoir Portraits


Katie's Perspective...

I've been a boudoir photographer for ten years, and have watched how the boudoir photography claims to empower its (mostly female) clients. This bold claim to female empowerment made me wonder how my photography was actually helping or hurting the oppression women have historically faced in regards to their bodies and sexuality, and made me really think about what empowerment means.

After extensive research on the topic, including intensive work on my senior thesis, I came to the conclusion that photographers--including myself--are generally unaware of their contribution to the pressures women constantly feel to have "perfect" bodies; for their sexuality to exist more for their partners than for themselves. Rather than using boudoir photography to help women feel comfortable in the bodies they have, I've realized that boudoir photography often aligns with those of mainstream media by slimming, airbrushing, posing, lighting, and generally manipulating women’s bodies to appeal to the desires of heterosexual men, rather than the women themselves. 

After much deliberation and careful research, including ideas from experiential sexual therapy and scholarly research, I've changed my business to reflect a safe space for women to truly express their sexuality through their natural bodies. I've learned that because we've had a baby, or put on weight, or lost a limb, or have varicose veins, or all or none of the above and more, we're perfect in the bodies we have. Boudoir photography gives women the opportunity to see their own imperfect perfection as beautiful and worthy of love.

Because of this, I no longer airbrush or slim the women I photograph. That way, the end product looks like you, rather than a manipulated version of you, which is so much more meaningful and powerful than something fake. I also sell my clients products with their names inscribed on them, symbolic of how their bodies and sexuality--like their images--are first and foremost theirs to protect and control.

These and other small changes have revolutionized my business, as well as my client's and their partner's perspectives about body and sexual power. My boudoir sessions are truly for all body types, all ages, and any gender--not just women--but any person interested in feeling free in front of a lens, documenting their bodies in their natural state.

I would be honored to meet you and photograph you!


Sessions start at $600 and include:


-A private session guided by Katie, controlled by you.

-A private online viewing gallery

-Your digital files with copyright release

-Hair & Makeup

Contact Katie today to set up your consultation and/or to see more of her portfolio.