12x12 Luxe Album: Fuji Deep Matte Paper

12x12 Album.jpg
Fuji Deep Matte (left), Kodak Endura (Right)
12x12 Album.jpg
Fuji Deep Matte (left), Kodak Endura (Right)

12x12 Luxe Album: Fuji Deep Matte Paper

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Your wedding day photographs instantly become timeless art when they are printed, bound, and presented in an album. We present our 12x12 Luxe Album, a beautiful family heirloom with archival paper, covers, and bindings created to last over 200 years, with care. This exquisite album lays flat across your lap in a size large enough to truly appreciate the printed artistry of your wedding day.

This unparalleled album contains Fuji Crystal Deep Matte Paper, the most exquisite photographic paper in the industry, which includes a protective coating against spills and fingerprints.

Covers are made from genuine Italian full-grain leathers and hand-cut metal, wood, and acrylic substrates. Printing, binding, and construction of our albums are exception and lasting within the industry.

Your investment includes 20 pages (40 sides), allowing for 90-100 images, a full-grain Italian leather cover, Fuji Deep Matte photographic paper, and a graphite album box. From there, you can upgrade the following:

  • Page Count: Each additional page allows you 4-5 more pictures.

  • Cover: We have lovely acrylic, metal, wood, and custom image covers.

  • Debossing: Add your name and dates to a leather cover.

  • Gilding: Wrap the outside edge of your album with silver, black, or gold.

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