Kevin & Katie Hulett

Who We Are

We are a photography duo that live in Bellingham, Washington, and have been traveling the globe for the past 12 years photographing weddings!

We are married ourselves, after eloping in Las Vegas when we were BABIES, somehow managing to make a smart decision. Two daughters, seven moves in two states, many years of school, one border collie/lab named Peaches, and 14 years of marriage later, we still wake up next to one another, happy to have made the commitment we made at the Little White Wedding Chapel (down the isle, not the drive through) at 12:00 a.m., alone, in our band t-shirts.

Again, somehow this worked out. 

What We Do

We choose to spend our time and our lives in the company of people celebrating love. We're a creative, professional team who delight in photographing couples, their families & friends around the world. We've been doing this since 2005, taking great pride in our art photography as well as equal amounts of professionalism and dedication to our work.

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Brushfire Photography

Brushfire Photography

One Reason People Love Working With Us...

Something great about us is that our styles of shooting are different, so our combined photographic styles give our portfolio balance and a broad range of artistry.

Kevin is all about the big picture: telling a rich story of small details filling large landscapes. Katie, on the other hand, focuses on capturing every lovely detail our couples so thoughtfully choose: the lace on an heirloom fan the bride holds with her bouquet, vows written with a shaky hand, the texture of the groom's suit, which took him months to choose (or maybe five minutes, depending on the guy).

Our clients love Katie's careful consideration to their stories, and Kevin's ability to paint the day through studied, artful photographs. Together we create a variegated landscape of photographs our clients treasure.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ You guys were the best photographers! Not only so amazing and creative, but you both are just awesome people. I feel like we were meant to connect... too bad we don’t live closer and can hang out more! Maybe we will rendezvous in Paris one day!
— Alicia, Australia